Advance Energy Analyzer

High quality diagnostic edge device for single and multi-phase systems. Automated anomaly detection solution for timely maintenance, easy to integrate with 96x96mm panel.

Why Advance Energy Analyzer?

HelixSense Advanced Energy Analyzer is a diagnostic device that monitors energy consumption and power quality. It also proves useful in anomaly detection and can provide much-needed intelligence to carry out preventive maintenance for breakdowns. The device is suitable for both single-phase and multi-phase systems and can be integrated easily with 96x96mm panels.

Key Features


IoT-enabled, plug-and-play configuration to support easy installation and automated working

Automatic calculation of Enthalpy and displaying of the same in registered device

LoRaWan® connectivity support allows maintaining security of information and assures access to the data only to authorized entities

Versatile solution to go with different circuitry arrangements, which makes it suitable for small to big premises.