Area Occupancy Roof Mount

Achieve intelligent floor optimization with occupancy sensing and mapping support offered with this plug-n-play solution. IoT-enabled device that helps achieve occupancy based heating, cooling and energy management.

Why Area Occupancy Roof Mount

HelixSense Area Occupancy Roof Mount is a modular solution for monitoring indoors in corporate environments. It is effective for monitoring a space where there is a gathering of 30-40 occupants. Working on highly secured LoRaWan® connectivity, this mount sends occupancy and movement reports to the Control Center of the building.

Key Features


Area Occupancy Roof Mount can be used to design the seating arrangement for workplace

Beneficial in floor optimization and occupancy sensing

Provides first-hand information of heating and cooling needs and offers reliable energy management support

Rugged make and secure housing for supporting different usage levels

Effective in indoor air quality management and ensures Human Comfort

Custom environment cleaning made possible with the intelligence provided by this sensor working on Passive Infrared technology.