Area Occupancy Wall Mount

Monitoring solution that gives real-time data of availability of various areas of workplace. Accurate occupancy measurement and management solution that covers multiple offices effortlessly

Why Area Occupancy Wall Mount?

IoT-enabled area occupancy wall mount offers you another modular solution to keep track of conditions indoors. This wall mount area occupancy monitor offers four navigational layouts – horizontal, vertical, slide and drop-down. The functions are almost similar to the wall mount area occupancy sensor, the added benefit being easier access. It is a smart product that comes to you in tamper-proof casing and serves as an efficient IAQ and human comfort monitoring solution. The device works on passive infrared technology and helps locate the areas ‘heated up’ due to human presence. 

Key Features


The device also tracks human wellness, comfort & LEED, which helps plan the break times and overall work schedule in the workplace.

Tamper-proof design and internal antenna make it a product easy to maintain and modular in style.

All reports and findings possible to access on mobile devices and desktops for quick access, and prompt decision-making

Helps ensure better energy usage, occupancy management and ultimate human comfort while meeting LEED requirements.