Audit System

Smoothen auditing process with automated record retrieval system to have information in a time-stamped manner

Audit System

Auditing is a tedious process and requires auditors to have a crisp view of all the features that need safety and compliance rating. Right from the installation method of the building assets to the guide on usage, everything has to follow the compliance code. Also, the processes carried out in the building have to be in tune with the permits. Taking care of compliance and suggesting corrective actions is the main utility of the audit process; Helix Sense Audit System helps achieve this motive to the best.


Key Features:



Complete record of all audit activities compiled in a user-friendly manner allow easy retrieval and informed decision-making.

All assets’ and processes’ information stored in a time-stamped manner helps easier assessment.

No compliance issues ever arise when the audit recommendations and their implementation plans becomes easier to execute basis the information available on the module.

The building managers, as a result of all actionable done on time, achieve better occupant experience; the safety of occupants and assets is assured too!