Building Compliance

Ensure all alarms and sensors are up-to-date and initiate reorder or repair before expiry with sophisticated validity tracking and reporting solution

Building Compliance

Businesses need to keep their premise up-to-date in terms of compliance. Crucial infrastructure components and energy deliverables need to be compliant with the license terms. Sticking to invalid components is a big security lapse and may attract legal suits and penalties. All these issues can now take a backseat with the Building Compliance module offered by HelixSense.


Key Features:

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You can build the brand image as that of a responsible business by assuring compliance requirements are met

The businesses can escape legal hassles by sticking to the compliance requirements and taking preventive measures on time

The bad incidents can be avoided by ensuring that the products and solutions have not surpassed the validity date

All compliance matters are easy to track and review due to their availability at the stroke of a key