“Pandemic is not a word to use lightly or carelessly. It is a word that, if misused, can cause unreasonable fear, or unjustified acceptance that the fight is over, leading to unnecessary suffering and death.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
Director-General of the World Health Organization


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How to Ensure Employee Safety During COVID-19

How are you ensuring the safety of your facility during COVID-19? Are your employees confident to return for work? Do they feel safe while at work? The HelixSense comprehensive solution for COVID-19 allows you confidently answer those questions.

HelixSense is an integrated platform that connects IoT sensors, smart devices, and UV Disinfection products throughout the facility. With these connections, HelixSense provides complete visibility, bringing peace of mind to Facility Management.

Facility Management (Security / COVID-19 screening)

HelixSense enables organizations to deliver peace of mind to every individual who enters their facility. Proactively clean work spaces and common areas with HelixSense alerts notifying you before, or immediately after an area is occupied. Implement touch-free check-ins and smart keys to reduce unnecessary contact and exposure. Always know the total occupancy to make sure you are following guidelines, and to reassure your employees that they are safe. All security and screening measures can be easily managed in the HelixSense platform.

Space Management

HelixSense allows you to effortlessly monitor and manage workstation booking, facility access, traffic flows, current occupancy, and other crucial space and utilization metrics.


HelixSense has an extensive suite of UV Disinfection products that seamlessly integrate with and report to the integrated HelixSense platform. Using AI-based technology, HelixSense can send instant alerts when a surface, object, or area needs to be disinfected. HelixSense can automatically trigger corrective actions without manual intervention or notify the appropriate individual(s) if a manual action is required.

Standard Operating Procedures

The HelixSense platform provides a way to keep your employees informed at all times about all regulations, recommendations, rules, and guidelines regarding COVID-19. HelixSense helps to ensure that all Standard Operating Procedures are followed, such as completing all paperwork, isolating individuals showing COVID-19 symptoms, and other measures require to ensure safety.


Instant Temperature Screening

Advanced Thermal Imaging technology empowers organizations to rapidly scan individuals and large groups to instantly identify individuals with elevated temperatures. With this, organizations can begin to completely automate the temperature screening process, eliminating an additional touch point between staff an guest. If an elevated temperature is identified, HelixSense will automatically send alerts to defined groups with a built-in escalation matrix. This allows you to quickly restrict access and/or promptly isolate the individual(s) to avoid potential exposure.


Occupancy monitoring

Accurately monitor people in real-time as they move throughout the facility to ensure all social distancing guidelines are being followed. HelixSense occupancy sensors are placed throughout the facility to collect and send data back to the integrated HelixSense platform. By using HelixSense, organizations can establish systematic approach to managing building, floor and room occupancy.

Using proprietary machine learning algorithms, HelixSense can restrict access to areas that have reached their capacity limits, and then regrant access when it is safe. Using the HelixSense mobile app, individuals can quickly identify accessible areas, check-in/out of areas, and schedule future room access. Take the guesswork out of occupancy and space management with informed decision making backed by HelixSense data.

Ultraviolet Decontamination

Ultraviolet (UVC) light has been used extensively for more than 40 years to disinfect water, air, medical equipment, and other surfaces by damaging the DNA replication system of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Many facilities have begun deploying UVC Decontamination products to reduce the likelihood of individuals coming into contact with surfaces contaminated with COVID-19.

HelixSense has an extensive suite of UVC Decontamination products that have the ability to self-report information back to an integrated platform. Managers can easily identify areas that have been recently cleaned as well as areas that require immediate cleaning. With HelixSense you can combine UVC products with your existing cleaning systems to establish a semi-automated, multiple disinfectant approach.

The HelixSense suite of UVC Decontamination Products:

Walk-in Gate/Tunnel: Protect the occupants of your facility with a HelixSense UVC Walk-in Gate/Tunnel to ensure everyone is completely disinfected before entering the premises.

Handheld Sanitizer: Rapidly sanitize workstations, equipment, offices, packages, and other frequently contacted areas with a HelixSense Handheld UVC Sanitizer.

Disinfection Box: Small personal items, like phones, headphones, keyboards, etc., harbor over 20,000 different types of bacteria. Safely eliminate them all with a HelixSense UVC Disinfection Box.

Conveyor Track: Rapidly sanitize everyday use items in large volumes immediately as individuals enter your facility with the HelixSense UVC Conveyor Track.

Foot Mat: The HelixSense Foot Mat is a hands-free and chemical-free disinfection solution that kills up to 99% of exposed organisms on the tops and soles of shoes in just 5 seconds.

Space Disinfection Unit: Instantly eradicate germs in large spaces, such as meeting rooms, bathrooms, or lobbies, with The HelixSense High Power UVC Space Disinfection Unit.



Air Quality Monitoring

EPA studies of human exposure to air pollutants indicate that indoor levels of pollutants can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) should always be monitored, but it is even more critical today with an increased risk of exposure to COVID-19. HelixSense Wellness Sensors measure the IAQ within and around facilities to improve the health and comfort of occupants.

HelixSense applies fundamental principles of thermodynamics and building physics (humidity, airflow, differential pressurization), smart controls to trigger operations, and economic ventilation and filtration technologies to mitigate the presence and spread of potential pathogens and allergens.


Needs Based Sanitation

While highly-necessary, keeping up with the proper cleaning protocols of COVID-19 is a daunting and expensive task. To maximize efficiency and effectiveness in a time of partial occupancy, facility managers will need to align cleaning procedures with real-time demand. HelixSense sensors provide an accurate representation of true space utilization in the workplace.

HelixSense will then intelligently trigger automated cleaning procedures or identify the appropriate personnel if a manual service is required. From the centralized HelixSense platform, managers can restrict reservations and access to particular areas and workspaces that require cleaning.



HelixSense sensors detect the precise location of each individual while they are on-site using Geofencing technology. Organizations using Geofencing can ensure that social distancing guidelines are being followed at all times, but more importantly, enables Contact Tracing.

Real-time Contact Tracing allows organizations to quickly identify all areas and individuals that a potentially infected person came into contact with. HelixSense can automatically send real-time alerts on protected zones, unsafe distancing, and potential exposure areas.

Touch-less Visitor Management System

COVID-19 is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person, between people who are in close contact with one another. Due to this, front desk staff is increasingly at risk when they interact with visitors as they enter and exit your facility.

The HelixSense Visitor Management System is a touch-less check-in process that does not require touching of equipment or surfaces upon entry into the building. Visitors can scan a QR code to sign in and out at reception to eliminate long lines and crowded waiting rooms. HelixSense can strengthen the security of your facilities and assets by making sure visitors have completed any relevant steps, such as acknowledging hazards or signing any waivers or NDAs, before being approved on-site.

Digital Checklist

Coronavirus can survive on some surfaces for up to 72 hours, making it critical that all cleaning procedures are executed each and every day. The centralized HelixSense platform digitizes facility maintenance and management making it easy to generate daily, weekly, and monthly checklists for each department or team.

Checklists can integrate Whole Health Organization and governmental guidelines to ensure that your facilities are compliant and all individuals are safe.