Desk Occupancy Sensor

Enjoy better controls over workforce remotely with accurate desk occupancy sensor. IoT-enabled, and fully automated reports available real-time. Works on dual passive infrared detector technology.

Why Desk Occupancy Sensor?

Desk Occupancy Sensor is an IoT-enabled device that senses the presence of an occupant any time of the day. The device works on dual passive infrared detection technology to communicate the occupancy status to the concerned person. This plug-and-play device comes with features that promote remote use, such as, secure housing, rugged make for long use and battery status monitoring to ensure perennial functionality. It serves the needs of those users the best who need to monitor the employee occupancy from remote locations.


Key Features


Accurate desk occupancy monitoring helps maintain discipline at workplace and achieve better employee productivity

The users get real-time data to determine availability of meeting rooms, and ascertain hot desk positions in the workplace. It can help plan the desk occupancy efficiently.

The ease of monitoring occupancy status of multiple desks help have clearer planning of space management

The device also tracks human wellness, comfort & LEED, which helps plan the break times and overall work schedule in the workplace.