Digital Platform

Simplifying people, processes and facilities management with unified platform

Take charge of operational and maintenance needs of the building with digital monitoring and reporting solutions from HelixSense

Asset Management

Complete record of all assets and their current status at one place, automated work order management

Inventory Management

Automated recording of inventory level and use, and tracking of consumption and cost for analytics purposes

Building Compliance

Ensure all alarms and sensors are up-to-date and initiate reorder or repair before expiry with sophisticated validity tracking and reporting solution

Work Orders

Seamless coordination with the vendors, real-time tracking of work permit status and data-driven reordering decision-making could not be more organized

Visitor Management

Digital recording of visitors, occupancy status and unalterable check-in, check-out

PPM Schedule

Asset performance review, breakdown analytics and preventive maintenance plans scheduling to reduce downtime to hours from weeks

Work Permit

Assign and track jobs to the maintenance providers with nil error and get reports on work progress real-time

Mail Room Management

Let no consignment escape your view and ensure timely distribution of all mails with least disruption


Reports pertaining to all departments presented in an organized manner for enhanced viewability to ease and speed up decision-making


Truly customizable feedback collection tool and recording of negative experience instantly to enable timely decisions on experience enhancement

Help Desk

Streamline complaint recording, resolution and follow-up with dedicated Help Desk module accessible on all devices

Audit System

Smoothen auditing process with automated record retrieval system to have information in a time-stamped manner

Inspection schedule

Analytics based inspection scheduling and complete coverage of all equipment and areas customized as per the usage patterns

Pantry management

Specialized interface to manage pantry supplies, automated reminders ensure timely refills and reduces wastage too

Incident Management

Automated solution for incident logging, assessment and remediation to enable quick management

Commodity Management

Regularly updated record of commodities on your fingertips and share with stakeholders to keep all on the same page

Space Booking

Make Your Enterprise Futuristic with effortless space booking management system for smooth organizational operations

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