Make Building Management more intuitive and take timely calls on repairs and maintenance needs to prevent downtime and make building ‘available’ and safe always


iBMS from HelixSense is a comprehensive Building Management support that provides all the inputs needed for maintaining the premises’ exterior and interior spaces. The sensors do the job of pinpointing the issues that may deter the health of the building and its environs if left unattended, and deliver timely reports to the concerned authorities or for automated triggering of work order initiation. With the help of historical records collected, the building management process can be made more intuitive and proactive leading to drastically reduced downtimes.


Key Features


Timely actions on the repairing and maintenance needs of the building makes it safer to dwell and work at

The building life is increased undoubtedly when all repair and maintenance needs are attended to timely and in detail

The downtime is reduced drastically allowing the occupants to have the building more at their disposal

Readily available historical maintenance and repairs records and emerging trends allow to plan work orders well in advance, making the whole process disruption-free