IAQ Monitoring

IoT sensors-enabled interior air quality monitoring to automate working of air purifiers and achieve odor-free, chemicals-free surroundings always

Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining better air quality indoors is one of the prime responsibilities of the building managers which they can easily fulfill with the Helix Sense IoT solution for Indoor Air Quality. This IoT device provides up-to-date information of the air contaminants, odor level and PM 2.5 size irritants, which in turn, triggers the functioning of the quality correcting products. One can also trigger the internal work orders to maintain healthy air conditions indoors. Helix Sense IAQ solution can set the exhaust units, temperature and humidity controllers to function delivering pleasant occupant experience all the time.


Key Features


IAQ monitoring serves as a reliable solution for making decisions that can help achieve pleasant and safe working conditions indoors

By triggering automated working of humidity controllers, TVOC removers or air purifiers, the IAQ is maintained at safe and pleasant levels always

Historical records offer the information about the changes in indoor conditions and initiates timely implementation of air purifying measures

Real time records are available at a responsive dashboard that complements remote maintenance needs of the building managers​