Incident Management

Automated solution for incident logging, assessment and remediation to enable quick management

Incident Management

Incident management requires quick thinking and prompt action. It is why, HelixSense Incident Management Module is the option to consider. Businesses can employ this module in managing incidents and contain damage from going beyond control. Making a building safe for all requires both proactive and reactive measures to be on the spot.

Incident management support provided by this module comprises the feature to report incidents, and further suggest, pick and share the remedial actions required with concerned authorities. This interface has become essential for flawless management of incidents and helps reduce downtime considerably.


Key Features:



Allows to put remediation personnel in time while saving crucial minutes

Helps building occupants resume to normalcy real-fast

Enables creating categories and subcategories of the jobs to achieve faster resolution

Interface possible to access through web and mobile platforms helping users get reports and take actions anytime, anywhere.