Inspection schedule

Analytics based inspection scheduling and complete coverage of all equipment and areas customized as per the usage patterns

Inspection Schedule

Building management is incomplete without inspections. HelixSense Inspection Schedule Module helps businesses streamline all the inspections crucial for ensuring building compliance. Inspection schedule allows building managers to record the complete inspection plan of equipment, areas and facilities. It offers sophisticated solutions to the service providers to report the findings and get problems resolved on time. Thus, a premise always ready, and up to the mark, it becomes possible to offer to occupants by assuring habitability and compliance on all parameters.


Key Features:



No inspection will ever miss the radar with all the records compiled on a unified platform.

All service providers are sent timely intimation on repairs required, which reduces downtime considerably.

Better productivity of equipment and building areas achieved with timely maintenance jobs done as per the inspection findings.

Automated inspections module leading to businesses’ success in maintaining reputation and projecting image of a responsible entity.