Inventory Management

Automated recording of inventory level and use, and tracking of consumption and cost for analytics purposes

Inventory Management

Take full control of inventory of your retail store or any other touch point with HelixSense Inventory Management module. This interface is designed to enable tamper-proof, secured and updated recording of inventory status and to provide information to the user. This hands-on interface offers an easy and feasible solution for tracking and recording inventory. Businesses can make inventory management less time-consuming, more yielding and fully responsive to their needs of meeting customer expectations.

Key Features:



Real-time status of inventory from all locations of the business ecosystem available at the fingertip.

Insightful information on inventory helps make better future production and distribution plans

Automatic alerts on inventory approaching threshold figure streamline buying process and prevents stock-out situations

Prevents incidences of wastage of space and material due to unused stocks

Offers planning support to manage inventory reaching expiry date