IoT Solutions

Building Management Made Smarter and Proactive

Manage Processes & People leveraging technologies to an Outcome Based Performance

Smart Washroom

Elevated level of washroom monitoring and experience with the help of our smart sensors for Air Quality, Bin Level Monitoring, Tissue Dispense Monitoring and Occupancy

Temperature Monitoring

Ensure pleasant conditions indoors always with real-time monitoring using Edge Sense technology enabled IoT sensors

Energy monitoring

Monitor energy consumption of the building and take cognitive decisions that promote environment-friendly practices

IAQ monitoring

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring solution for better human comfort as per psychometric charts and automation for auto correction in parameters

Occupancy Management

Get real-time analytics on occupancy ratio to plan seating management at cafeteria, conference rooms, etc.


Make Building Management more intuitive and take timely calls on repairs and maintenance needs to prevent downtime and make building ‘available’ and safe always

Simplify Building and Facilities Management with Experts’ Help

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