Mail Room Management

Let no consignment escape your view and ensure timely distribution of all mails with least disruption

Mail Room

Mail Room is the connecting hub that links an organization to the outer world. Streamlining mails received and actions taken can create far-reaching impacts such as customer satisfaction. HelixSense Mailroom Management interface can cut the hassle of managing mails and transform it to a productive process.

Every communication, no matter how trivial it looks, may have a profound impact on the business’s image. Mail room interface integrates all the incoming and outgoing mail records for quick viewing and offers an unfiltered view of the ultimate fate of the communication received. Piled up mail is a big problem everywhere. Using insights provided by the mail room interface, the unaddressed mail count can be reduced to bare minimum.


Key Features:



Streamlined mail management leads to quick and timely response to customer and vendor queries

Timely distribution of mails enables better utilization of mail rooms

Recording of actions taken on mails serves with analytics needed for decision-making

Role based access control ensures safety of information and smooth transfer of responsibility.