Occupancy Management

Get real-time analytics on occupancy ratio to plan seating management at cafeteria, conference rooms, etc.

Occupancy Management

Building managers need to ensure short availability of seats for the employees who come to work or visitors who drop by. HelixSense Occupancy Management solution collects records from the thermal sensors and delivers real-time hot seats status and other analytics to the floor planners. This solution is ideal for cafeteria management, conference rooms’ allocation and other actions where the correct records can help avoid chaos. Thus, for a streamlined approach to plan floors and seating arrangements, Occupancy Management Solution from HelixSense is an ideal solution.


Key Features


Takes the guesswork out of floor planning and enables better utilization of seats or cubicles

With the help of occupancy records delivered by this solution, the managers can understand the seat occupancy trend

It also provides desk occupancy reports and lets the managers have control over the employees’ movements even while monitoring remotely.