Pantry Management

Specialized interface to manage pantry supplies, automated reminders ensure timely refills and reduces wastage too

Pantry Management

Making building a happy place to work becomes possible when the pantry has everything all the time, whenever demanded by the workers. Thus, make pantry management result-oriented with an automated module from HelixSense. 

Pantry management is an in-house activity and needs to be done keeping in mind the need to balance perennial availability of materials and waste management. By keeping the pantry needs refilled, and all stock figures updated, building managers can help bring down operational and facilities cost, and achieve the best occupant experience as well.


Key Features:

Pantry Management


Remove guesswork and have pantry records updated in a granular manner; it helps cut the wastage.

Automated refills help plan purchase budget and ensure supplies availability always.

Helps achieve best occupant experience by providing eatables and beverages of excellent quality.

Useful for managing meetings and conferences where goodies and beverages are to be served.

Best support for retail shops, cafes and restaurants where supplies management helps put the best show on the front side always.