PPM Schedule

Asset performance review, breakdown analytics and preventive maintenance plans scheduling to reduce downtime to hours from weeks

PPM Schedule

Move the PPM Schedule from papers to digitized modules and bring in better clarity, accountability and security to the process. Streamline preventive maintenance with planning and tracking support provided by HelixSense PPM Schedule IoT-based module. This interface features a calendar view of completed and impending inspections, notifications and alerts on planned maintenance dates, service history to help experts understand the point of take-off, and much more.

Key Features:



Real-time tracking eliminates servicing lag, thus, full availability of all assets and equipment assured to the best

Streamlined working of maintenance teams help cover more clients annually

All insights generated real-time to provide information as is, improves decision-making

Asset performance insight generated on completion of task that tells the better ones from ordinary ones

All team members and clients are always on the same page as the insights reach all stakeholders real-time unfiltered, secure and usable for planning further actions.