Sensors Enable Smart Products

We are now able to connect “everything” in a system to bring intelligence to every “endpoint”.

Smart Buildings are Powered by Smart Sensors

Sensors that are “smart” go beyond simply detecting physical changes in the environment and providing a corresponding output.

Our products are designed, developed, manufactured, and marketed for a wide range of commercial applications, primarily for infrastructure, high-end consumer, and industrial equipment applications.

Area Occupancy Wall Mount

Monitoring solution that gives real-time data of availability of various areas of workplace. Accurate occupancy measurement and management solution that covers multiple offices effortlessly.

Advance Energy Analyzer

High quality diagnostic edge device for single and multi-phase systems. Automated anomaly detection solution for timely maintenance, easy to integrate with 96x96mm panel.

Desk Occupancy Sensor

Enjoy better controls over workforce remotely with accurate desk occupancy sensor. IoT-enabled, and fully automated reports available real-time. Works on dual passive infrared detector technology.

Smart Sensor Outdoor

Detect ‘smartly’ particles, humidity and temperature parameters with Smart Sensor equipped with LoRaWan wireless connectivity for outdoor settings. Best solution to detect dust and ensure conditions for human comfort and overall wellness.

Area occupancy roof mount

Achieve intelligent floor optimization with occupancy sensing and mapping support offered with this plug-n-play solution. IoT-enabled device that helps achieve occupancy based heating, cooling and energy management.

Wellness Sensor

Indoor air quality management made accurate for healthy life, better employee productivity and unmatched human comfort. All-in-one solution for managing temperature, relative humidity, occupancy, light and other parameters. Easily adaptable to all mounting positions.

We design, develop and manufacture Sensors for your Smart Business to Facilitate the Automation of the Workspace.

For more information on smart sensor products and their implementation process, you can reach us at any time.