Complete purchase process from start to finish and data-driven repurchase intimations to keep supplies always filled


Keeping the Purchase Cycle in motion is essential to streamline business operations and achieve customer satisfaction ultimately. Purchasing process is not simple, agrees, but it need not be nerve-wrecking. With a unified support that is designed for Purchase management, HelixSense provides you a reliable solution for simplifying this process. Businesses can avoid stock-outs as well as wastages and can achieve maximum space and finance optimization with our fully automated and sensor-supported Helix Sense Purchase module.


Key Features:



Setting automated reorder cycle to avoid stock-outs.

Analytics-based purchase pattern equips businesses with information to find high-demand patches in the annual records.

Minimizing stock wastage with real-time records.

Helps avoid expired products to enter the supply chain which, leading to better brand reputation.

Suitable for retail businesses, manufacturing unit premises and café pantry management.