Smart Sensor Outdoor

Detect ‘smartly’ particles, humidity and temperature parameters with Smart Sensor equipped with LoRaWan wireless connectivity for outdoor settings. Best solution to detect dust and ensure conditions for human comfort and overall wellness.

Why Smart Sensor Outdoor?

An occupant experience starts the moment the visitor steps in the building or workplace. Hence, the outdoor conditions also need monitoring and landscape planning to create a visitor-centric atmosphere. Smart sensor outdoor is designed for the outdoor settings. It relays data using LoRaWan® connectivity that helps maintain confidentiality and seamless distribution of information. The particulate matter of size PM2.5 becomes possible to detect with high receiver sensitivity of this smart device.

Key Features


IoT-enabled system makes the smart sensor quite effective for ensuring timely actions devoted to correcting conditions outdoors

Instrumental in enhancing visitor experience by enabling use of wellness-promoting solution precisely when needed

High receiver sensitivity ensures detection of the minutest dust particles and helps raise requisite warnings to the allergic inhabitants and visitors

LoRaWan® compliance ensures the swiftness in relay of information along with the safety of the same and provides real-time data to the managers to take timely actions.