Smart Washroom

Elevated level of washroom monitoring and experience with the help of our smart sensors for Air Quality, Bin Level Monitoring, Tissue Dispense Monitoring and Occupancy

Smart Washroom

Achieve smooth transition from a traditional Washroom to a smart one with HelixSense IoT solutions for washrooms. This system, being IoT-enabled, initiates automated internal work orders based on air quality, people count and usage pattern. The solution is equipped with features that promote predictive cleaning, enables timely plumbing repairs and ensures timely and detailed inspection to provide ultimate user satisfaction to the visitors and building occupants.


Key Features


Smart Washroom enables predictive cleaning triggered by the information received from automated detection of odor, extent of cleanliness of air and chemical data of washroom surroundings.

No lapse in carrying out of cleaning orders as the real-time data received from sensors that detect air quality, bin levels, total work orders completed is available to the managers at their fingertips

Customized reports help the managers or site SPOC to retrieve the information suitable to their usability. It takes guesswork out of the planning process and helps tighten the service module to achieve better occupant experience.

The dashboard offers a detailed view of the usage pattern by providing people count, occupancy rate, etc. on daily, weekly and monthly basis.