Truly customizable feedback collection tool and recording of negative experience instantly to enable timely decisions on experience enhancement


Taking feedback is very much crucial to the process of finding ways to enhance occupant experience. Businesses strive to provide the best working environment to employees and on-call service providers. They can do a considerable part of improving things by taking feedback and planning feasible actions based on it. Whether the SLAs are up to mark or need modification can be found out with the Survey Module features.

Employees can become an active force in improving the building experience by sharing their experience or feedback. It requires a well-designed questionnaire that is quick to respond yet solicits detailed and meaningful responses. Not only that, the employees’ responses need to be stored and processed for planning and managing resources required; it is where HelixSense Survey Module proves its utility.


Key Features:



Helps have an idea of occupant experience to understand whether the facility delivers to employee needs or not.

Analytics help find loopholes, if any, and take corrective measures with better cognition.

Data generated through feedbacks is easy to share with concerned authorities that helps keeping everyone informed.

Building can be made more welcoming with inclusion of features possible as per SLA.

Make decisions regarding SLA improvement and modify budget for building management keeping survey data as one of the employable factors.