Temperature Monitoring

Ensure pleasant conditions indoors always with real-time monitoring using Edge Sense technology enabled IoT sensors

Temperature Monitoring

HelixSense IoT-based device for temperature monitoring is a solution that all modern business premises need. It is not only the human comfort to be taken care of while maintaining the commercial buildings. A lot of resources like in-house servers, data rooms, computer rooms, etc. need optimal temperatures for flawless functioning. Thus, the temperature monitoring device forms an indispensable part of your building management regimen that can help you avoid the instances of downtime.


Key Features


By triggering preventive maintenance procedures, the building managers can avoid downtimes and make the premises and equipment more productive than ever

You completely own the information that IoT collects for you, which helps you make timely and data-driven decisions

The alerting system allows you to work from offsite with the unwavering confidence and helps you enjoy the same degree of control no matter where you are

The IoT leverages the power of predictive analysis and tells you in advance the probable time and extent of maintenance requirements based on the trends generated.