Visitor Management

Digital recording of visitors, occupancy status and unalterable check-in, check-out

Visitor Management

Take complete control over the visitor check-ins and check-outs. The visitor experience begins way before the arrival in the building, when an email with QR code reaches them. This interface is a digitized visitor register that allows you to keep track of precise check-in and check-out times, arrange for the stay and perform occupancy management activities in a more streamlined manner.

Building residents or clients can enjoy better privacy and have information about the visits as needed to segregate the types of visitors and arrange for an awesome visitor experience in advance. Safety parameters never lose your sight with such a comprehensive log book in hand.


Key Features:

Visitor Management


Helps keep a track of all the visitors, thus, the hosts or the client can manage their time better

The record of upcoming visits allow the client to make arrangements for adjusting occupancy plan

Allows managing time-based visits keeping the client convenience in mind

Offers ultimate experience to visitors and clients by providing them safe and streamlined entry and exit