Wellness Sensor

Indoor air quality management made accurate for healthy life, better employee productivity and unmatched human comfort. All-in-one solution for managing temperature, relative humidity, occupancy, light and other parameters. Easily adaptable to all mounting positions.

Why Wellness Sensor

Want to be proactive in your approach while extending healthy conditions to workers in the building? If yes, Wellness Sensor is the product that rightfully supports your intentions and offers intelligence to do so. Wellness Sensor is a smart device equipped with solutions to measure air quality, humidity and temperature indoors. This product is ready-to-use and features an ergonomic design allowing you to install it in the position and angle of your preference. Place it on the corners, under the desk, on the ceiling or on doors and get the data you need to enhance human comfort.

Key Features


A durable solution that offers you correct inputs for optimal floor planning

Helps you maintain comfortable conditions indoors and also guides on the energy requirement

Offers occupancy-based decisions related to heating, cooling and energy management