Work Order Management

Seamless coordination with the vendors, real-time tracking of work permit status and data-driven reordering decision-making could not be more organized

Work Order Management

Work order management is a part of a planned preventive maintenance module. It is designed to assure streamlined work order planning, execution and follow-ups. The multi-location businesses may have work order management requirements arising simultaneously. It is where this module steps in and makes it possible to have clear visibility of work order statuses from all points.

This module offers you unwavering support for achieving seamless work order process flow. In large establishments, work order management is an ongoing process and its challenges become easier to combat with IoT-enabled planning and managing solutions from HelixSense.


Key Features:



Every step of work order processing managed through ticket-based system brings in better clarity and more streamlining

The maintenance team can be leveraged to the best as they know their jobs beforehand and can plan their work accordingly

All notifications for the requirements, progress and completion reach the responsible authorities through IoT-enabled system

Best support for achieving always functional assets leading to better productivity