Work Permit

Assign and track jobs to the maintenance providers with nil error and get reports on work progress real-time

Work Permit

Maintenance of a building is an ongoing process. Building managers have to decide and design the works to be done so that the core activities or the office schedule are not disrupted. Further, the need is to ensure that all work permits are active and valid and don’t miss your radar when renewals are around. Helix Sense Work Permit schedule offers you a comprehensive management tool to record and keep track of all the repairs and maintenance works going on and needed in different areas of the building.


Key Features:



Up-to-date record of all work permits

Easy access to all records on mobile and computers

Status of running work permits and reports of actions taken available for further diagnosis needed or closing the permit

Uniform knowledge of work required disseminated to all stakeholders; speedier approvals possible to get

Digital tracking of all approvals and work progresses available in date-stamped manner in the audit trail