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Why HelixSense?

Asset Management is a crucial part of every organization and is typically overseen by high-level executives. However, high-level executives do not have the same exposure as the engineers working directly with each asset daily, leaving them to make isolated and reactive decisions. At HelixSense we use real-time data to help translate the engineer’s expertise and intuitions into a plan of action that creates value through asset management.

HelixSense delivers defined and embedded data allowing organizations to collectively make decisions that will benefit their entire eco-system. HelixSense bridges the gap between people, processes, and technology to establish a future-thinking asset management culture.


How It Works

HelixSense is disrupting data and breaking down silos by providing predictive, outcome-based, and collaborative data to all key stakeholders throughout the eco-system. The power of information allows organizations to maximize the long-term value of assets by aligning them to the objectives and purpose of the business. 

HelixSense deploys sensors to enable all assets to pro-actively self-report performance metrics. Real-time and historical data are gathered and analyzed by HelixSense to improve resource allocation and decision making. With the power of AI, you can automate processes to define outcomes and reduce manual interventions.


The Digital Twin of Your Organization

HelixSense constructs a virtual copy of your eco-system in order to facilitate a greater degree of efficiency and accuracy in systems analysis and management. Digital twins act as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds by using sensors to collect real-time data about a physical item. Digital twin technology has been instrumental in improving the way buildings and their systems operate, as well as creating new opportunities for planning and growth.

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