About Us

Enterprise IoT platform that enhances decision-making, optimizes asset management and mitigates risk

Who Are We

We are a US-based digital solution and IoT-enabled sensor provider. Our IoT, digital platforms, and sensors are designed to monitor and generate reports on indoor conditions for achieving sophisticated building and facilities management. The ultimate aim is to increase the building and asset life and deliver the best occupant and visitor experience with data-driven decisions on preemptive repairs and maintenance needs.

Our Mission

We strive to make buildings safer and responsive to the occupants’ needs. Our mission is to maximize the use and safety of premises with the help of an intelligent approach simplifying facility management with real-time data analysis and alerts.

What We Do

We deploy sensors to achieve a self-reporting asset pool and streamline decision-making with tech-assisted solutions. We offer disruptive solutions for data-driven facility management and reduce downtime due to breakdowns with proactive maintenance planning.

Make buildings compliant, safe, and convenient with IoT

Digitally transform the building experience with industry-compliant solutions from HelixSense. We help you cut the paperwork and digitally automate the repairs and maintenance work orders with IoT solutions that provide real-time analysis of the facilities management needs. With our solutions in reach, you can maximize building availability, manage all areas effortlessly and make people and processes more productive.

Why Choose Us

Connect with us to enjoy a one-stop solution for enhancing people's experience by streamlining the building, assets, and facilities management with IoT-enabled products and interfaces.


Cut asset management costs by 30%


Downtimes are reduced by 70% , people's health never at risk


Let data do the talking; nil human error


All reports on digital interfaces help go paperless