The HelixSense Mantra

HelixSense is disrupting Asset Management. We seek to provide organizations with the actionable data they need to reduce hidden costs, risks, and incident occurrence. HelixSense enhances the awareness of stakeholders across all departments by empowering them to collectively make decisions that benefit the organization as a whole. Our goal is to help you maximize the long-term value of your assets by creating a culture of continuous improvement, where information is your greatest asset.

HelixSense is not optimizing Asset Management, HelixSense is disrupting how we think about Asset Management.



Arul C.T


A master in both IoT & Facility Management, Arul is an innovative startup expert with proven success establishing go-to-market strategies.


Rana Rajvinder Singh

Director of Operations & Customer Success

Rana is a seasoned people manager, leader, and strategist with a strong expertise in business communications, operations management, conceptualization, and process design.


Sanjeev Bhandari

EVP – Sales and Strategy

With 25+ years of experience in Strategic Business Procurement and Transformation leadership, Sanjeev’s excels in developing strategic initiatives consistent with the HelixSense vision.


Joseph Thumma

Board Member

Known for his technical prowess and vision, Joe is a serial entrepreneur and the majority shareholder of Magellanic Cloud (BSE: MCLOUD).


Carwin Heierman

Business Development Manager

Carwin is a savvy marketer with 20 years of international experience in partner development, investment relations, and business development. 


Dylan Redfield

Marketing Account Executive 

Dylan is an experienced technical marketer with a focus is on maximizing digital presence to establish meaningful client relationships.