Asset Management

Complete record of all assets and their current status at one place, automated work order management

Asset Management

Asset Management offers you a digitized way of maintaining records of all assets and their current status at one place and accomplish automated work order management objectives. Now no need to go to each and every asset of the premise physically, all that information comes to you organized way at a unified platform that you can access on the device of your choice.

The records will comprise the asset life-cycle, its upcoming maintenance requirement and replacement schedule to follow. Such a detailed registry of assets at one place helps businesses deal with downtime like a pro and reduce it to hours.

Key Features:

Asset Management


Offers you complete account of all assets from all parts of the premises at one place

Helps you prioritize and plan crucial maintenance jobs needed for ensuring smooth functioning

All assets maintained up-to-date and available to the users any point of time

Systematic purchase management achieved through asset registry leads to better budget optimization

Scanning by QR code leaves no room for confusion and provides correct records updated to the latest status